Sep 262014

Here’s my entry to the Flash! Friday–Vol 2 – 42 contest. The photo prompt was this photo of a girl by the water in Japan. The Dragon’s Bidding was to include a death.

Photo Credit: Shuji Moriwaki via CC.

Photo Credit: Shuji Moriwaki via CC.

Vera, Meet My Sister

I left her standing on obstinate rock, her face turned against the silver swell.

‘Go now,’ she said. ‘I’ll greet her when she comes.’

She stood facing north while I fled south, away from danger, away from the storm.

Like one soul in two bodies, that’s what they said, each their own person but together complete.

“Do you know what the other is thinking?” our school friends asked.

“Yes,” we replied together, and they laughed.

A childish joke, but it was true. I’d felt her pain like it was mine: her birth pains (twins again!) or when she drank too much wine. I’d shared her sadness, her love, her hope. When news of the storm came, I shared her disappointment that my fear was only for me. She was always the selfless one.

Now it is time for me to take cover underground. The storm has found land. I will endure, even though I am no longer whole.

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