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Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fantastic holiday. If you’re not reeling from last night’s revelry, why not join in the fun and write with us?

YouTube is a video-sharing website that launched in February 2005. Just 20 months later it was sold to Google for $1.65 billion. A story popular with the media is that the idea for the site came when two of the founders had difficulty sharing videos they had taken at a dinner party.

On the 1st of December 2014, singer Psy (real name Park Jae-sang, and who celebrated his 37th birthday yesterday) ‘broke’ YouTube when views of his Gangnam Style video exceeded 2,147,483,647, the highest number of views recordable using a 32-bit integer. This forced YouTube to upgrade to a 64-bit integer system to store view numbers, allowing a maximum value of 9,223,372,036,854,775,808 (over nine quintillion).

Fill your glasses to capacity with this week’s photo prompt:

Photo Credit: Matti Mattila via CC.

Photo Credit: Matti Mattila via CC.

The Judge

Judging this week’s contest is Geoff Holme, winner of MB 1.03 and MB 1.11. Read his winning stories and what he has to say about flash fiction here.


A story of between 90 and 110 words starting with VIDEO and ending with SHARING and incorporating the photo prompt.


Anyone, but especially you!


Why not! Because it’s fun. Because it’s a challenge. Because the winner will receive their own winner’s page, their story on the winning stories list, a ‘who is the the author’ feature to be posted next week, entry into the ‘Micro Bookend of the Year’ competition, and a copy of this year’s winning stories compilation.


Now! Get your entry in BEFORE 5:00 am Friday (UK time: http://time.is/London).




Post your story in the comments section. Include the word count and your Twitter username (if you’re Twitterized). Don’t forget to read the full rules before submitting your story.

Anything else?

Please give your story a title. It will not be included in the word count.

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Remember, only stories that use the bookends exactly as supplied (punctuation is allowed) will be eligible to win.

  33 Responses to “Micro Bookends 1.12 – VIDEO [micro] SHARING”

  1. Government Waste
    by Maryann Holloway twitter ma_holloway

    “Video the overflowing recycling trash Mike.”

    Mike panned the camera over the mess outside of the apartment complex.

    “Do you really think the news program will pick up your story?”

    “I do. We will need to capture the city’s sanitation crew because without them we have no story.”

    Hiding out of view, Mike and Kara watched the city truck stop in the street. Mike began recording video. Just as Kara witnessed last week, the sanitation crew grabbed the recycling materials and dumped them into the truck where regular garbage could be seen.

    Mike published the video to Youtube and sent the link to Kara.

    “Mike, thanks for sharing.”

  2. Pause (110 words)

    Video had come to recycle our eyeballs. Nobody “saw” anything unless the red light was blinking. Nobody did anything until they had been powdered, angled for the right light and coached.

    If only The Bard had lived to see how perverse his stage had become. Cat mused on this over a steaming cup of Dead Rabbit Irish Coffee. The thick and creamy texture snuggled on her brain, made her forget that she used grocery store coupons as a blanket on a night where the cold was an intruder to the veins.

    A flashy billboard overhead stirred her. Red light blinking, Photoshopped beauty. Overplayed slogan: Sharing is caring; caring is sharing!

    • A grim vision indeed of where the ‘everyone a celebrity’ culture will end up; perhaps we should all start saving our coupons now. I particularly like your phrase ‘the thick and creamy texture snuggled on her brain’, nice bit of personification.

    • frightening vision of life… great story Brett… loved Dead Rabbit Irish coffee … think I’d pass on that 🙂

  3. @stellakateT
    109 words

    Re-cycled Thoughts

    Video games I loathe but this one was fun. All my friends and acquaintances were characters. I got Ade to have an affair with Sally so Dave shot them both. I got Bart to fall out with Michael so Bart drove a tank over to Michael’s house and flattened everything in the street. Then Michael took a flame thrower to the avenue where Bart lived, it was stalemate! I was clocking up thousands of points; the more violent the scenario the more I won. Eventually I got tired of the carnage I turned on the news. Unbelievably it was showing the events I’d created. Now the re-cycling needs sharing!

  4. Dead Drunk

    108 words

    Video cameras had been expected. Sophie pressed a button, running a false feed through to the security consoles.

    “Why go back?” her friends had asked.

    “So I can leave again on my terms.”

    It still rankled that she had been tossed aside like yesterday’s rubbish, replaced in his affections by a pack of damned hounds.

    She found him dead drunk as always.


    Smiling grimly, Sophie plunged in the knife, carving out his fickle heart and left him as she’d found him – this time literally – dead drunk.

    Nor did she forget his beloved dogs, gifting them the heart its owner had been so incapable of sharing.

  5. Harmonious Indifference
    (110 words)

    “Video… another video series?”

    For the last two weeks Marcus had been couch-ridden. Having been laid off from the local mill he was now indifferent about his world. Marcus was on his fifty-seventh episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. He had already watched in entirety How I Met Your Mother, and Yes, Dear.

    MaryBeth had mistakenly mentioned that maybe this was too much television.

    His snappish reply, “A sense of completion in things gives a man hope.”

    Popping some popcorn MaryBeth planted herself beside him.

    With a brief intermission for refills of Pepsi and Fresca, she settled in for the long haul.

    It became easier and easier… this thing called sharing.

  6. Rubbish

    Video edits, self-made atrocities; the most recent induction into the social media slush pile. We’re all movie makers now, filming our mundane lives in an attempt to be profound. Maybe I’m a cynic or antiquated by today’s standards. Either way, I don’t get the hype.

    YouTube, Vine, Vimeo they all beckon the budding Scorsese within us. My granddaughter’s joined this carnival ride as well, traded cherry lipgloss for glossy edits. She has apps to edit the edits and compiles snippets of faux-life.

    I’m not sure when true storytelling fell by the wayside or how, but ink on paper or words with weight are no longer for sharing.

    109 words

  7. Losing
    (110 words)


    “Not yet. Mama’s getting her special things.” Janice’s fingers were sweaty, pulling papers from the bins, dropping them in the box. “Grandma threw them away.”


    “Grandma thinks I’m a hoarder. Grandma thinks I’m ‘endangering’ you. She has no right to throw away my things.”

    “Look, mama, a smile!” Shaina pointed to a bin where someone had made a face from pieces of tape.

    “No right. I just want my things. Just want to be left alone.”

    “Dirty.” Shaina kicked a pile. “Don’t like this.”

    “Sorry, kiddo.” Janice held Shaina on her box of things. Tears ran down the faces of mother and daughter for grief they were sharing.

  8. Photo – Finnish by Geoff Holme
    (Judge’s Entry: just for fun)

    “Video dating? You that desperate?”

    “Just more discriminating than you, Väinö. I’ve got a photo.”

    “Attractive… She’s more desperate than you! But why drag me down to the basement?”

    “Because you finally recycled the newspapers!”


    “She phoned to arrange a date and I wrote the details on yesterday’s Helsingin Sanomat! All I remember for sure is that we’re meeting tonight at quarter past eight.”

    “Ha! New Year’s Day – 20:15! Her idea, I suppose.”

    “We… have… to… FIND IT!”

    “Gotcha! Here it is, Aatu.”

    “Thank you, God!”

    “I hope things work out OK.”

    “Careful what you wish for, little brother. I may have to rethink us flat sharing.”

    Word Count: 110

  9. Plane Paper
    A.J. Walker

    Video conferencing on Boxing Day was par for the course. Daniel was grateful he hadn’t needed to work Christmas Day.

    “Hi Janet, all set for my arrival?”

    “Happy Christmas, everything’s ready.”

    “Thanks, my shit’s together too.” He said, looking over to the sideboard.

    His heart skipped.

    “Elaine!” Daniel shouted.

    “Excuse me, Janet. Gotta go.”

    Elaine strolled into the room wearing soapy Marigolds.

    “You’ve been busy.” said Daniel.

    “Thought I’d get stuck in. Most therapeutic.”

    “Where are my passport and flight documents?”

    Elaine went as white as Christmas should be.

    The wreckage of Christmas was a recycling mountain. The entire family were needed for the search. Christmas: a time for sharing.

    110 words

  10. Perspectives

    Video this rubbish! Disgraceful. How am I expected to cope after my hernia operation? Occupational hazard. First day back. Doctor says “don’t bend, don’t lift. I’m a bin man. My job’s to wheel bins to the lorry and that’s it – all swallowed up.
    But this picking up extras after lazy affluent people.
    – not my job.
    “How was your first day back?” My wife says. “Why are you smiling ?”
    “Just thinking about the pickers in Mumbai.”
    “Have you been drinking?”
    “Saw a documentary about them after my operation. They would have loved what I moaned about today.
    For me, hassle. For them – a rich harvest for sharing.”

  11. Glamour Girls

    “Video footage obtained by the BBC appears to show a teenage gang rifling through recycling bins for discarded magazines…”

    Luckily, Mum was far too busy crushing candy to spot her darling daughter. We did well, last night, me and Shaz. A clutch of CKs, two Diesels plus a whizz-bang Armani. Grazie, Vogue.

    Pop that tiny plastic cylinder up a nostril, inhale that eau de parfum and you’re Eddie Morra. 3000 words on Atonement or the French Revolution? Piece of cake.

    Come exam time, even the boys smell of vanilla and sandalwood.

    The news showed tomorrow’s headlines:

    “EDP: Top 10 Signs Your Child Is Phial Sharing”

    108 words

  12. Nostalgia
    By Anna Elizabeth
    wc – 109

    Video came and went, and much to Zalia’s horror, they started ending up in the bins. The large square blue ones, the ones which hold all the generic rubbish. Not the place for videos at all, or so she thought. Though she kept the form of a twenty six year old, she’d been that age in the 90’s – her favourite year – liked and kept it. At her real age of one hundred years, she’d seen all matter of technology advances, video to DVD to all three forms of blue-ray. With videos as her favourite, this left Zalia with a series of nostalgic stories she didn’t really feel like sharing.

  13. (Trying this one to bypass nanny filters)
    To Fit the Crime

    Video comments:

    Anon666 said: “ouch. Lol!”

    LoveLupus: “Sooooo GROSS!!!!”

    JCorner: “Yeah, thx for ruining my lunch. Why???”

    DRs: “JCorner, #listeningfail.”

    JCorner: “Over the trash thing? Thought that was a joke. btw #screwyouandyourhashtags.”

    Maryanne202: “The jerk kept stuffing her blue box with his garbage. It wasn’t even recyclable! smh”

    Cadensmummy: “Not sure the compactor a fair response. [[[TRIGGER WARNING parents with young children: excessive gore]]]”

    LoveLupus: “ne1 know how to post this on fb?”

    Rick_UnRoll: “She warned him like a million times.”

    JCorner: “That chunk’s not recyclable either.”

    Maryanne202: “True, the green bin woulda been more apropos.”

    Gerty44: “Don’t you DARE post on facebook!”

    DRs: “Careful, Lupus… Gerty’s tweaky about sharing.”

    110 words

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