Oct 062015

Bill EnglesonOur most recent winner is Bill Engleson. Follow him on Twitter, take a look at his website, and go read his novel, Like a Child to Home.

Bill has kindly agreed to judge this week’s contest so pay attention as he tells us a little about himself and his writing:

I am a retired Social Worker, I live on a small Island, write, volunteer on local health organization Boards as well as at our local volunteer library, The Dora Drinkwater. Did I say write?

So, great story. How did you get there from the prompt and bookends? I treat Micro Bookends as a poetic challenge, mixed with the concept of a crossword puzzle. This story began with the idea of perfection and how often it fails. My other submission more captured the photo prompt.

100 words ain’t many. How do you fit a story into so few words? I think it is all about framing a mood, distilling the essence.

Why do you like flash fiction? There is an immediacy in flash fiction. I write 4-6 pieces a week now. Each site I visit is different from the others. The challenges, while similar, are sufficiently different to appeal to slightly varied story forms.

Been writing long? Dabbled always. Since retirement 13 years ago or so, regularly.

You write anything else? Poetry, letters to the editor. A monthly column in our Island journal, The Flagstone. The column is called In 200 Words or Less.

Any advice for other flash writers? There are so many great writers writing. I’d be better advised to take advice from them.

Any interesting writerly projects in the pipeline? I have two draft books of essays (life and politics in my rural heaven) that I am slowly editing/assembling. And a prequel to my first Social Work noir novel. On two of the sites I visit, Thursday Threads and Flash Mob Writes, I have two “serial” mysteries evolving.

I just finished reading a book. Can you recommend another? Cry, the Beloved Country.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, David. We’ll see how perceptive a judge I turn out to be.

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