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Geoff Le PardGeoff Le Pard is the winner of MB1.35. Follow him on Twitter and check out his website. If you enjoyed Geoff’s winning story, you might want to check out his book, Dead Flies and Sherry Trifle. Geoff has a second book due out in mid-July. Read on to find out more:

I once worked as a lawyer. I woke up and thought, I’ll write. I took that leap and here I am, blogging, writing and wide awake (and not a little scared).

100 words ain’t many. How do you fit a story into so few words? Painfully. I usually go well over then slash and burn my way back to 100. The gems I have to lose!

Why do you like flash fiction? Because I have to concentrate on the absolute essentials it teaches me precision.

Been writing long? Since 17th July 2006.

You write anything else? My blog, my novels and some poetry outside of my regular FF prompts.

Any advice for other flash writers? Read others for tips and don’t be disheartened.

Any interesting writerly projects in the pipeline? My second novel – My Father and Other Liars – which is a thriller with themes around dysfunctional fathers, the misuse of embryos in genetic research and a transatlantic love story.

I just finished reading a book. Can you recommend another? The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion.

1.35 DOUBLE [micro] ACT

Kiss of Death

Geoff Le Pard

Double vision, nausea, bone snapping pain.

They stack us up, serried ranks of decrepit bodies, left to corrupt.

You see it in their eyes. Once we were unique, individual. Now, in the throes of death we are ubiquitous, homogenised by decay and depersonalised by disease.

If you didn’t know they had abandoned you before, the perfunctory response to any request screams the truth. Yet even knowing their disgust, you still crave the careless spray of their spittle to moisten parched lips.

The irony isn’t lost on any of us for it was the self-same sharing of fluids that brought us here. Death determined by such a simple act.

The ranks of the dead came as a thought from the picture – I try and concentrate on the pictures first. That lead to the dying and the awful scenes from Sierra Leone and Liberia during the Ebola epidemic.

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